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Hi! I'm Lyne.

Since 2018, I've hosted a fly fishing women's event. The 2019 second edition was a huge success with 65 women attending, new to the sport or more experienced. My vision changed and grew. This can become something even bigger and mostly, more women will fish. I'm constantly brainstorming on ideas of outings and activities for anglers of all ages but the 50/50 on the water Cascapedia Event will always remain my baby and for as long as it works, I will put my heart and soul into it. 100 spots were up for grabs for the Third Edition and we ended up having 108 total participants, after postponing for 2 years because of the pandemic. For the 4th Edition held in May 2023, 135 participants and 30+ instructors were there for another magical weekend. A few collaborations and other smaller outings are in the works, trips and adventures to explore new rivers... But through it all, it's fishing my home rivers that makes me the most happy and that is the main reason why you may not find me super present on here, but I am definitely active on Social Media.

Mommy to Vincent, born in 2012 and Eliane, born in 2015, step-mom to Eddison born in 2018, I thrive to make them see how important it is to follow your passions and do what you love! We live in the beautiful little town of Cascapedia-St-Jules (Quebec, Canada) in the Gaspe Coast and are very fond of our little home near the lake. Blake and I are both addicted to nature so it is a pleasure to be able to raise our children in such a perfect place. Hopefully, passing on this need to breathe fresh air and appreciate everything mother nature has to offer will persist and follow them as they grow.

I am an Elementary teacher and although the profession comes with its load of struggles and challenges, it also has the best of rewards : making a difference and educating for the future. I accepted a part time contract, teaching High School Art for a couple of years before departing completely to focus on our family owned Fly Shop, Sexton & Sexton's. I sometimes miss the connection with the students but I've added a part time coordinator position for a project called "Harmony Project". A special and fun opportunity to plan activities for students from all 3 communities (Mi'kmaq, French and English) to share together and connect. This way, I have the best of both worlds. That small contact with the kids and the fun and rewarding work environment in the special place that holds my heart, the fly shop. In that same train of thoughts, I am also an Independent Consultant for a health and wellness company : Arbonne ! Another special and rewarding community, making it possible for me to once again, share about what I love. A 40+ year young company, B-Corp Certified, banning over 2000 toxic ingredients and making the world a better place with safe and beneficial products. So really, I should say the best of all THREE worlds. Those are the occupations that keep me busy. But I always make time for fish time!

I love music. I love books. I love fly fishing. I love teaching. I love learning. I love my family and friends. I love art. I love movies. I love shopping. I love writing. I love drawing. I love cooking (but mostly eating). I love nature. I love life.

I love. Period.

Through these texts and articles, you may discover how I love all of the above and so much more but mostly, you'll discover how much I love Fly Fishing! We live in a beautiful place, with beautiful people, beautiful water and beautiful fish. 

So here it is ; A Sexton girl, in a Gaspe Coast world. (And sometimes exploring elsewhere)

Lyne. Xx


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Photo credit : Darlene Dimock

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